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Protecting 30% of Chesapeake Watershed Lands by 2030

Scientists from around the world have found undeniable evidence of the impending threat to the world's biodiversity. In the Chesapeake Bay, many conservationists recognize the need to increase efforts in the face of a growing population and rapid land-use change. That is why Chesapeake Conservancy has committed to protecting 30% of the Chesapeake Bay watershed by 2030 in our 30x30 campaign. There are 64,000 square miles in the Chesapeake watershed, or 41 million acres of land. About 11 percent of that area is developed in cities, towns, homes, roads, businesses and industry. Today, just under a quarter of the watershed—22 percent or 9.16 million acres—is permanently conserved.

Forests cover about 60% of the watershed, provide over $24 billion in ecological services, and provide $22 billion in forest products industry output each year. Yet, forest loss and fragmentation from development threaten up to 5.5 million acres of the most valuable forests. Science shows that streams and rivers degrade when the percent of forest cover in a sub-watershed drops below 70%. Conserving our region's forests is key to maintaining wildlife, drinking water supplies, water quality, recreation, tourism and economic sustainability.

Conserving 30% of the Chesapeake Bay watershed by 2030, and prioritizing conservation efforts to maximize benefits for nature and for people, is an appropriate and feasible goal for the conservation community. To address the current stresses on wildlife, ecosystems, working lands, and the Bay itself, and to prepare for a future with even greater impacts on nature in the region, the conservation community should adopt a 30% by 2030 goal for the Chesapeake. Targeting our shared conservation efforts can improve the health of rivers and streams, it can expand access to recreational opportunities, it can protect farms and forests, and it can preserve the heritage of our unique and treasured landscape

Valued Lands

70 Acres of Chesapeake Watershed Lands Are Lost to Development Every Day! Here's How Your Real Estate Gift Can Help!

Please utilize the Chesapeake Conservancy Giftlands Viewer below to see how your property fits into the larger conservation landscape. With themes of biodiversity, culture, and recreation, your property can hold a variety of conservation themes. To utilize this tool, please enter your address of interest into the top left of the screen, and zoom to your parcel of interest. You can then click on your property to explore its various conservation values, and use the layer list on the right to identify more information about these conservation values.

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Geese in the grass

Charles and Mary Dankmeyer worked with the Chesapeake Conservancy to donate a property they owned on the Eastern Shore that had become a rookery for blue herons.